OpenPS3FTP v2.3

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OpenPS3FTP v2.3

Post  Kubancoco on Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:28 am

OpenPS3FTP v2.3

jjolano's open source FTP server for the PS3. See the README for the default user/pass and other info.

Fixed some minor issues in the client code
Socket handling improvements
Fixed an epic fail in the client code
Perfected the UNIX-style LIST output
Improved passive mode function
Added an experimental queue system to prevent some io crashes
Stability improvements
Added more compatibility for older FTP clients
Rewrote code for PSL1GHT v2
Changed UI to a simple message box (was lazy)
More RFC compliance
Improved overall connection handling
Fixed a bunch of minor file transfer problems
More optimizations (improved response times)
Reverted LIST format to support old clients
Squished some bugs
Code optimizations
Some caching improvements (better response time)
File transfer code rewritten
More RFC compliance
Added more FTP commands
Changed LIST output format to EPLF
Changed ICON0.PNG
Moved to a different XMB category (now under Network)
Fixed another possible memory leak
Added "dev_dragon" to mount detection and warning list
Changed LIST command output format (again)
Added new algorithms and methods
Should support Remote Play (untested)
Added a better way to get the IP (no internet required anymore - thanks andoma)
Added /app_home and /host_root to listing exceptions as they cause problems
Now uses Hermes' sysfs sprx link instead of lv2 syscalls
Tweaks made to improve internal performance, stability, and reliability
Added a "screen saver" (simply blanks screen after 60 sec of no controller input)
Added an exit application button combination shortcut (SELECT + START)
Added an internal "retry system" designed to reduce failed transfers for small files
New git for v2.0 and later:

KBopenps3ftp-v2.3.zip186.29 KB

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